The language trainings organised by Xpert Lingua are 100% tailor-made and are adapted to the needs of the participant(s) and the professional context. Therefore, our trainers will never use a syllabus. They only work with specific modules, exercises and role play adapted to your situation, your company and your sector.


Xpert Lingua language training sessions are functional. The objective is to be able to function at work in the target language, using typical structures, vocabulary specific to the sector, simulations etc.


The best way to learn a language is to learn in an informal and relaxed atmosphere and open to the target language. For this reason, Xpert Lingua language trainers will do everything to ensure a relaxed atmosphere during sessions. The trainer is seen as a coach providing participants with tools to develop their language skills.


We have a predilection for authentic documents. For that reason, we often ask participants to bring authentic materials and working tools (preferably non-confidential ones) to their training session, as this is probably the best way to work on the target language (e-mails, presentations, catalogues, brochures, memos etc.).


Xpert Lingua language training sessions are interactive and greatly value conversation, role play, simulations etc. That way, participants are prepared to have these same conversations spontaneously in real life, when they will really need them.


Mistakes are seen as positive! Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Or even better: mistakes are positive because they allow you to progress.


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