Did you know that all small and medium-sized companies situated in Flanders can get quite a financial intervention for the translation of all digital commercial texts that might enchance export and their international competitivity. Through the agency Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), you can submit a file on-line and get until 2.250 Euro subsidies, no matter how big the translation.

As a recognized translation agency, Xpert Lingua can help you to submit your file and guide you through the administration process.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like more information about this.

There are several conditions for your file to be accepted. We have listed them hereunder:

  1. Are only taken into account digital commercial texts (websites, digital brochures, digital catalogues, newsletters, etc.)
  2. Because the aim is to stimulate the export of SME’s situated in Flanders, one of the target languages of the translation has to be a non-official Belgian language. Translations to Dutch will not be accepted (example: You already have a website in English and Dutch, and would like to translate it to French too. This will not be accepted. But if you translate the website to French, Spanish and German, it will probably be accepted).
  3. The translation has to be done by a recognized translation agency like Xpert Lingua. We can translate to following languages: French, English, German, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Polisch, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish.
  4. The logo of FIT has to be present on all translated documents (but is kind of stylish anyway)

If you would like to receive a detailed price offer for a translation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The easiest thing to do is to directly send us the documents to translate (in .doc or .txt format) or to send us a link to the website/document to translate with a brief description of what needs to be translated. We will make you a price offer, which allows you already to submit your file at FIT.

You will find more information regarding these subsidies on the website of Flanders Investment & Trade.

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E-mail: info@xpert-lingua.be